Professional Security Officers at Your Service 

Sioux Merchant Patrol provides professional Security Officers for business and commercial security needs. We are large enough to handle all your contract security requirements and small enough to meet your specific requests. Today’s security environment is complex. Our team will develop a program designed to respond and adapt to your evolving security and safety concerns. From our owners to our security officers, we aim to become a key component to your success.


Sioux Merchant Patrol not only adheres to contract security industry standards, we exceed them. Our security officers have undergone enhanced assessment tools, multiple-level interviews, drug tests and thorough background investigation processes because we strive to supply the best security services for the Sioux Falls area.  Our security technology and tools are cutting edge. When you need professional security services for your corporate, commercial, or industrial setting call us at 605.334.9357 for a free consultation. 


Our Security Officers are professionally attired and trained to meet your business security challenges. We realize that our Security Officers directly represent your business to the public. In fact, they are often the first or last person your employees and customers encounter. If we do not have them already on staff, we will recruit, train and employ individuals that meet both our company’s values and your culture.

Your security is OUR business!


Armed & Unarmed Security Guards


Depending on your needs, we can provide security guards that are either armed or unarmed:

  • Armed Guards – This type of security officer is best used when people or valuables must be secured or escorted, when you want to prevent a known threat, or you have a regulation that requires an armed guard. Armed officers may be in uniform or plain clothes, depending on the situation. Our guards are trained in the use of force, meet state firearms qualification standards, and are licensed to carry. 

  • Unarmed Guards – An unarmed officer acts as a deterrent from illegal behavior, can improve safety, can handle emergency or escalating customer service situations, and provides peace of mind. These security officers work in a wide range of locations and situations including retail stores, schools, banks, call centers, hospitals, food stores, manufacturing facilities, and residential communities.


Both types of guards are trained in physical defense techniques to provide protection.

Our security guards have training in: legal authority, post orders, report writing, radio communication, patrolling, first aid/CPR, emergency preparedness, active shooter response, security camera and access control systems, self-defense, less than lethal use of force, verbal de-escalation, interviewing, and customer service.



Sioux Merchant Patrol has uniformed or plain clothed Security Officers for any business setting:

  • Financial Institutions, Government, Healthcare

  • Office Buildings & Shopping Centers

  • Schools & Higher Education

  • Multi-Unit Residential Properties

  • Hotels, Hospitality & Convention Centers

  • Reception/Concierge Services

  • Access Control, Surveillance System & Visitor Management

  • Loss Prevention



Sioux Merchant Patrol will help make sure your event site is safe and secure. We provide security services that include:

  • Sporting Events, Concerts & Live Performances

  • Corporate Parties & Training 

  • Weddings & Fundraisers

  • Conventions, Trade Shows, Premiere Events

  • Crowd Management

  • Parking & Traffic Control

  • VIP Protection & Transportation

  • Control-Room Monitoring

  • Bag Searches, Guest Services & Access Control



Sioux Merchant Patrol will support your safety plan, meet compliance requirements and limit liability exposure. We work with:

  • Manufacturing & Warehouse Facilities

  • Transportation Centers & Parking Garages

  • Construction Sites

  • Visitor & Vendor Management

  • Facility & Environmental Support

  • Custom Guard Tour & Incident Reporting

  • Workplace Violence Prevention

  • Cost Effective Contracted Security



Sioux Merchant Patrol can maintain on-call security services to meet your needs. Our 24-Hour Dispatch Center handles:

  • Retail & Restaurants

  • Alarm Monitoring & Response

  • Construction Sites

  • Fire Watch

  • Emergency Response Support

  • Patient Transportation & Monitoring

  • Access Control

  • Seasonal & Temporary Security Officers


Video produced by the City of Houston Mayor’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security. Ready Houston. For more information:


Tips to prepare your workplace for a violent incident:

  1. Create a plan to prevent against workplace violence

  2. Assess the potential risks your workplace might face

  3. Implement sound security procedures 

  4. Train your team to recognize warning sign behaviors and effective conflict resolution

  5. Put your plans into practice by conducting regular drills to prepare your team for emergency situations


Sioux Merchant Patrol is a professional, reliable security company working in Sioux Falls since 1950. Give us a call at 605.334.9357 for a Free Security Consultation.